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Frequently asked questions on EcoPure™

With which polymers can EcoPure™ successfully be used?
EcoPure™ can be used with LDPE, HDPE, PP, Polystyrene, PET, HIPS, EVA, ABS, Nylon, Polyester, TPE, TPU, TPR, Polycarbonat and PVC.

Are the products attacked by the additive substances?
No, the EcoPure™ technology is only activated on the dump or during the composting. The components do not affect your product before in any way

Is EcoPure™ dangerous for the environment?
No, EcoPure™ is based on organic ingredients, does not contain metals, heavy metals or genetically changed material

Does my product become biologically degradable by EcoPure™?
Yes, the product is degraded biologically by bacterial/ micro-bacterial growth

Is EcoPure™ photo degradable or oxo degradable?
No. EcoPure™ products do not become degraded by UV light or Heat, but exclusively by bacterial growth.

Does my product become compostable with EcoPure™?
Yes - even on domestic compost. However there is a definition problem. To be listed in the DIN CERIUM TCO positive list, the ingredients must include materials, semi-finished material additives where at least 90% of the organic material must be converted into CO2 within 6 months. The products manufactured from this are then certifiable. The tests are based on the conditions existing in large compost production systems whereby the fast decomposition was under the addition of bacteria, energy and water. EcoPure™ products do not require these conditions, they currently degrade at present in a period from 3 – 5 years.

Is my EcoPure™ product EN 13432/ASTM 6400 conformal?
No. The EN 13432 is a guideline which serves for the quality of industrial compost. It demands a very fast decline of the product mainly in CO2. Therefore even tree cut does not fulfil the EN 134.

How quickly is the EcoPure™ product biologically degraded?
As soon as the product is in an environment with a high bacteria proportion, products with EcoPure™ become biologically degraded within 3 – 5 years completely.

Is there a symbol or a logo which helps the customer recognize my product as biologically degradable?
Yes. At present there are only symbols which indicate the type of polymer for recycling purposes. A special logo for biologically degradable by using EcoPure™ is created and has to be used by any product which has EcoPure™ in it. This branding allows the client to see that the product is biodegradable.

Is EcoPure™ suitable for use with food?
Yes, plastic products with EcoPure™ portion are FDA conformal.

Can my EcoPure™ product be recycled?
Yes. Plastic with EcoPure™ particles can be recycled.

Will my product decay faster, if I add more than 0,7% EcoPure™ additive uses?
Yes and no. EcoPure™ produces microbial particles, grew for the biological decomposition of the polymer surface. Primarily, the expansion degree of a surface determines the percentage share of the Masterbatches required.

Why did I hear so far still nothing of EcoPure™?
EcoPure™ was developed 1999 in the USA and is in commercial use since end of 2004. The issue of a patent WO2008055240 – 2008-05-08, was only published in May 2008 because of the lengthy test procedures. Several client tests are still done. It is only recently people have become aware of the problems in processing plastic waste and have began to look for solutions