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Product information on EcoPure™

EcoPure - GranulatEcoPure™ is a new patented plastic additive, which uses the presence of microorganisms to make polymer plastics completely biologically degradable without any environmentally harmful residues. Commonly used granulate products require hundreds of years in a natural environment to metabolise completely. The decay time for PE and PP is e.g. 450 Years. Plastic products with the EcoPure™ additive become one of the organic components of the earth, i.e. they are biologically reduced in less than a fraction (1:100) of the time.

EcoPure™ – Functions
The patented commercial protected technology is a structured accumulation of micro organisms which enables microbial activity. This in turn produces by-products whereby the long polymer chains are split up. This anaerobic process (oxygen-independently) as well as aerobe (oxygen-dependently) comes into force. Because the microbe trunks are available everywhere, the process itself can simply take place everywhere.

EcoPure™ – Application type
Packaging and products made of LDPE, HDPE, PP, Polystyrene, PET, HIPS, EVA, ABS, Nylon, Polyester, TPE, TPU, TPR, Polycarbonat and PVC reach a100% biologically degradable state using EcoPure™. Essential is that the origin material is based on Polymer-Chains. Because of this there is a nearly open-end by using in plastic products.

EcoPure™ – Necessary conditions for biological decomposition
If a plastic product contains at least 0,7% of the EcoPure™ additive in relation to the weight, the complete product is biologically degradable. The only condition for the biological decomposition, which must be fulfilled for a plastic product with the additive is: that it is in constant contact with other biologically degradable materials or soil. EcoPure™ products can be marketed as „biologically degradable“, since they can be biologically degraded oxygen-dependently or oxygen-independently. The additional presence of heat, light or physical load is not necessary.

EcoPure™ – Time of the biological decomposition
EcoPure - Biologischer AbbauThe mechanism for the biological decomposition does not step in with high temperatures, light or mechanical load. Therefore e.g. Shopping bags made of plastic or Coffee cups can be reused. In contrast to oxo- or uv-degradable or corn-strengthen-based products where the decomposition process must be exclusively controlled with micro organisms. During the normal life cycle of the product (whether this amounts to one day or 20 years) e.g. in storage, in business displays, in offices, at home etc. no decomposition process is released.

EcoPure™ – Disposal
Contrary to oxo- or uv-degradable or corn-strengthen-based products a product manufactured with EcoPure™ does not require oxygen or sunlight for the biological decomposition. Even with disposal on dumps - in most cases without sufficiently oxygen and/or sunlight - a problem-free biological decomposition will take place. In
contrast to above mentioned products, no toxic arrears develop.

EcoPure™ – Recycling
Plastic products with the EcoPure™ additive can be recycled for further use either by the manufacturer itself or in special recycling programs. The additive can be added to similar recycle material. The decomposition process requires at least 0,7% EcoPure™ in proportion to the total material volume.

EcoPure™ – Compostable
EcoPure - KompostIf a product is manufactured with EcoPure™ technology, it - apart from the fixed decline time - is compostable without restrictions. The plastic product is not suitable due to the EN 13432 conditions for local and institutional Compost System, but it can be composted at home, it can be deposited, it can be buried, it can even be used for agricultural products and for products in the land filling. The guidelines of the ASTM D 6400 (standard test for Determining the Anaerobic biodegradation of plastic of material into the presence of municipal sewage sludge) and the EN 13432 (guideline to the compostable proof of plastics) means that a plastic product is only considered as compostable if it is processed in a commercial Compost System. The decline time may not amount to more than 180 days. Even tree cut does not fulfill the ASTM D 6400 or EN 13432 conditions, as the decline time amounts to more than 180 days.

EcoPure™ – Product quality and processing
The EcoPure™ additive biological decomposition does not in any way affect the firmness of the plastic product (it not is not necessary to produce plastic products with a higher wall thickness). The production systems/ machines currently in use in factories, can find further use without reservation. The manufacturing of coloured and clear products is possible without any physical restrictions. With tests at different independent laboratories we proofed the biodegradation. These tests are available on request. The degradation time is between 3 to 5 years. This is almost similiar to the biodegradation of wood.

EcoPure™ – Manufacturing methods
The EcoPure™ technology is applicable in connection with the following manufacturing processes: Extruding (blowing technology or casting technology), injection moulding, hollow blowing technology, rotation compression moulding.

EcoPure™ – Industries
EcoPure™ product applications can be found in the following Industries: Automobile and aircraft parts, foil packing products, (food packing, agricultural foils, etc.), toy, milk, shampoo and oil bottles, yoghurt cups, health and cosmetics products, simply in every plastic product which at he the end of its life span should be compostable. In each case, the employment of the EcoPure™ technology for every industry represents an image gain.

EcoPure™ – Guidelines
The EcoPure™ additive is FDA approved (21 CFR 177,1520, approval RZ1510) and fulfills the requirements of the European Union to products with direct food contact (2002/72/EG). Just as EcoPure™ can be used freely and in all colour nuances for the manufacturing of children toys (in accordance with EN71).

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