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Technical data of EcoPure™

(1) Product and Company Identification
Date: 28.09.2008 / Product Name: EcoPure™ / Supplier: BME Media & Service GmbH, Ostring 5, D-63533 Mainhausen, Phone +49-(0) 6182-9380-0,

(2) Composition / Information On Ingredients
EcoPure is comprised of carrier resin blended with other proprietary ingredients: Published Patent Taric No.: 3901.30.6000 (BRD-3901300090). This product is not formulated to contain ingredients that have exposure limits establish by US agencies. It is not hazardous to health as defined by the European Union Dangerous Substances /Preparation directives. See Section 15 for a regulatory analysis of the ingredients.

(3) Hazards Identification
Acute: Prolonged skin or eye contact may cause irritation. Contact with hot or molten product could cause bums.
Emergency & First Aid Procedures: Inhalation: remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Consult a physician immediately. / Eyes: In case of contact immediately flush eyes with plenty of water. Consult a Physician. / Skin: Wash with mild soap and water. / Ingestion: If ingested consult a physician / Thermal Burns: Flush with plenty of cold water. Consult a physician.

(4) Fire fighting Measures
Extinguishing Media: Carbon dioxide foam, dry chemical and water fog. Containers cool water spray may be used to flush pills away from exposure. Prevent run off from fire control or dilution from entering streams, sewers, or drinking water supply. / Special Protective Equipment: For fires in enclosed areas, fire fighters must use self-contained breathing apparatus. / Nepa Hazard ID: Health: 1 / Flammability: 1 / Reactivity: 0 / Hazardous Decomposition Products: Carbon monoxide., acetic acid

(5) Accidental Release Measures
In case when the material is released or spilled, sweep or vacuum up and store in a closed container. Waste Disposal Method: Dispose of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. Precautions to be taken in / Handling and storage: Store cool, dry area in closed container / Other Precautions: Do not let the product get wet, reseal at the end of each use in accordance with normal storage conditions.

(6) Physical And Chemical Properties
Typical physical properties are given below. Consult product data sheet for specific use and details. Appearance and odor: Pellet Clear / Boiling Point: N/A / Specific Gravity: N/A / Vapur Pressure: N/A / Melting Point: 220 F (104,4 °C) / Air Density: N/A / Evaporation Rate: N/A / Solubility in Water: negligible / Stability: Stable/Hazardous polymerisation will not occur / Conditions and Materials to Avoid: strong oxidizing agents, excessive processing temperature and open flames. Excessive moisture. / Hazardous Decomposition or By-Products: Oxides of carbon, other toxic emissions are possible

(7) Rate of Entry
Inhalation Skin Ingestion not likely / Carcinogenicity –NTP: No / Carcinogenicity –LARC: No (Monographs-colloids – none known; Organoleptic – no) / Carcinogenicity –OSHA: No

(8) Toxicological Data
Acute Toxicolo – Oral Toxicity (Rats): Practically non-toxic, greater than 2000 mg/kg based on testing of similar products and/or components. / Dermal Toxicity (Rabbits): Practically nontoxic, greater than 2000 mg/kg based on testing of similar products and/or components. / Inhalation Toxicity (Rat): Not established / Eye Irritation (Rabbits): Practically non-irritating (drain score: 0 or greater but less than 6). Based on testing of similar products and/or the components. / Compostability: EVA combined / Aerobic: ASTM-D.5338.92, ASTM-G21 & G22 determined / Anaerobic: ASTM-D.5511 determined, D5210 determined / Ecotoxicity: (RAL GZ 251) valid / FDA Status: Eco Pure™ complies with the FDA regulations 21 CFR 177,1520 and FDA regulations under 21 CFR 184 and may be used in articles which are intended to food at below cooking temperatures.

(9) Ecologicak Information
Environmental Fate and Effects: Biodegrability in high solid anaerobe digestion in landfills – Excellent Controlled Composting Biodegrability Aerobic inherent biodegradability – Excellent Ecotoxicity Testing : (RAL GZ 251) Valid non-toxic / environmental safe

(10) Disposal Considerations
Landfill Disposal: Can be disposed of in any Government-approved waste facility or landfill. Use of these methods is subject to user compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and considerations of product characteristics at time of disposal. / RCRA Information: The unused product, in our opinion, is not specifically listed in the EPA as a hazardous waste (40 CFR part 2610), nor is it formulated to contain materials which are listed hazardous waste. / EPA Tests Conducted: EPA-6010 (metals analysis); EPA-8260 soil (40 CFR136 40 CFR 763 SW-846 / LAB No SL20337-1 report date 02/05/99)

(11) Transport Information
USA / DOT: non / IMO: non / IATA: non / EC: non

(12) Regulatory Information
Governmental Inventory Status: All components comply with TSCA / US Super-Fund Amendments and Reauthorisation: Act (SARA) Title 3: This product contains no extremely hazardous substances SARA (311/312) Reportable Hazard Categories: none / This product contains no chemicals reportable under SARA (313) Toxic Release Program. This product contains no biohazard and is totally safe for the environment.

(13) Material Certification
The following product coded ingredients are cited on the lists below: Reactor grade binding agent: (EVA) Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Mixture / Proprietary Ingredients: Organoleptic, Esters, Proteins and Fatty Acids Microbiological Effect / E. coli : negative / Salmonella: negative

(14) Physical Properties
Physical Property Test Method Units (SI) Typical Value Melt index (EVA Carrier) ASTM D-1238 190/2.16 g/10min. 15.0 Density (EVA Carrier) ASTM D-1505 g/cm³ 0.9410 Melt index (XXX-EVA) ASTM D-1238 190/2.16 g/10 min. 10.7 Specific Gravity (XXX-EVA) ASTM D-792 g/m³ 1.133

(15) State Right To Know
In addition to the ingredients found above the following are listed for state right-to-know purposes.: Ingredients: no ingredients listed in this section / Additional Regulatory information: None known / WHMIS E Classification (Canada): Not subject to WHMIS Regulations / Non USA Inventory Status: Canada – DSL (Domestic Substances List) EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances) Australian: chemical inventory / Japan: chemical inventory

(16) Theoretical Assessment
Judgments as to the suitability of the information herein or the purchaser’s purposes are necessarily the purchaser’s responsibility. Reasonable care has been taken in the preparationof this information, but BME Masterbatches / Bio-Tec extends no warranties, makes no representations and assumes no responsibility as to the accuracy or suitability of this information for any purchaser’s use or for any consequence of its use. N/D = Not Determined / N/A = Not Applicable

Notice: Further information is available pertaining to the EcoPure™ plastic application including
3rd party test results, please contact us.

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